About Charlotte

I was born in Yorkshire as were my parents and grandparents, though I’ve ancestors from Cumbria and Lancashire too. Creativity, entrepreneurship, hospitality and customer service are in my blood. A Great Aunt ran a Post Office, my Great Grandmother ran her sweet shop in Hunslet, Leeds, my Great Grandfather was a carpenter. My parents were both artistically inclined but Mum, who lives nearby to me these days, went out to work – in nursing and healthcare. My late Father worked in all manner of creative industries, window dressing for the Burton Group, interior design, carpentry… he was also into restoring classic cars. At home he painted in watercolours, made models, dolls houses… So I grew up in a creative household in Hawksworth near Guiseley on the Yorkshire Moors. Hawksworth, by the way, is the model for the fictional village of “Windyridge” in the best-selling 1912 novel of that name by Willie Riley.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fully immersed in the hospitality industries (even before I studied catering and business at college.) I’ve worked in several prestigious hotels and restaurants across the country, while finding time for my beloved hobbies: I ran a market stall in the North East selling antiques and collectibles for ten years, I also have a passion for interior design and photography.

Anyhow, what brought me to Cumbria is a long story, so suffice to say I had a love of the Lake District and long- dreamed of running a cosy bed and breakfast in Cumbria … where my heart lies.

In 2017, thanks in no small part to my Father, my dream came true.

The creation of this website is dedicated to the memory of

Mr Graham Harrison Bell